22 Essential E’s of Social Media

There are many essential elements that need to be embraced before you can succeed with social media.  Of course,22 Essential E’s of Social Media Articles this list does not include all the elements, but only the important social media E’s to get you started.

1. Education
Educating your prospects and customers is important to the success of your business.  Not only are college and universities providing online education, but millions of people are going online to watch how-to videos, listen to podcasts, read informative blogs, etc.

2. Effective
A big part of social media success is creating clear, consistent, timely, and captivating content to effectively communicate with your community.  The more strategic your content is, the more effective your social media efforts will be.

3. Efficient
Due to the amount of information, tools, and sites on the web, being efficient with social media is certainly not easy, but it is also not impossible. If you have a plan, a schedule, and an editorial calendar in place, you will be extremely efficient when integrating social media.

4. Effort
If you want to succeed in social media, you must put in some effort.  Social media is about being proactive and making a real effort to research, learn, converse, test, and measure.

5. Embrace
Embracing social media means accepting the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Although the social web has provided us with endless possibilities, it also opened doors to things that are not so great (spam, fraud, hackers, and privacy, concerns).  Control the bad and embrace the good!

6. Empower
Using social media to empower your community (prospects, customers, employees, etc.) is extremely powerful.   It is essential to create a vision for your audience and empower them to take action on what they love, trust, and believe in order to fulfill a dream or a goal.

7. Encompass
A successful social media strategy should encompass all departments of a business:  sales & marketing, PR, advertising, customer service, communications, business development, research, etc.  Remember, it does not stop at marketing.

8. Encourage
Encouragement allows your customers to feel comfortable enough to start dialogue with you.  It is vital to encourage or support feedback, comments, and sharing of information from your community.

9. Engage
Social media allows you to engage with your prospects, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.  Engaging is about helping, giving, sharing interesting exchanges, and building community.

10. Enjoy
Social media is about being creative and having fun.  To succeed, you must not only enjoy the work you do, but also enjoy the social media process.  People can tell if you are posting things because you think you have to or because you are truly enjoying it.

11. Enlighten
By sharing your thoughts, ideas, stories, knowledge and expertise, you will enlighten and inspire your community.  If you are a business with many employees, it is also essential to enlighten your employees on social media.

12. Entertainment
A very large of your social media engagement strategy should include entertainment.  The very first step in entertaining your audience is to be a person not a business.  Your message should also be interesting and amusing enough to generate reaction, which increases chances of your message going viral.

13. Enthusiasm
It is crucial to create enthusiasm for adoption of social media within your organization.  Also, generating enthusiasm (or excitement) will inspire your audience to be enthusiasts who spread your message for you.  The goal is to find those influencers! health and social care






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