A Silver Menorah is a Beautiful Addition to Any Home

A silver menorah is a beautiful addition to any home. It is especially coveted in Art Deco, Mid-Century and Modern designs. At 1stDibs, there are 48 variations of the piece for sale, with older editions from the 18th Century to contemporary ones.

The Menorah is the most recognizable symbol of Judaism and of Israel, appearing on all official state documents. It is a reminder of the miracle that happened to the Maccabees in the temple in Jerusalem and reflects our continued strength and faith. During the eight nights of Hanukkah, we light our Menorah to celebrate this story of hope and perseverance.

In every religion, there is power in the symbolism of lighting. Christians have their Advent candles and Christmas lights, Hindus celebrate Diwali, and Buddhists observe Bodhi Day. Our Jewish brothers and sisters have the Menorah, which reminds us to be a light in this dark world.

We carry a boutique range of handmade Menorahs, from intricate Yemenite silverwork to contemporary designs by Israeli artists such as Avner Agayof. You can also find menorahs crafted from anodized aluminum that break down and store easily for each night of Hanukkah. Whether you prefer an elegant Art Deco style or a minimalist design from Moshe Zabari, you will find the perfect Menorah for your home at Judaica Web Store. silver menorah






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