Achieving a Balanced Give-and-Take With Men

Achieving a Balanced Give-and-Take with Men
When Mr. Miyagi said to Daniel-san in The Karate Kid: “Whole life have a balance. Everything be better,” he wasn’t talking about relationships, but he might as well have been. It’s important to understand and keep the balance between giving and receiving in your relationship, otherwise one partner will feel like they aren’t getting enough from their partner.

When you’re looking for a guy to be in a relationship with, look for someone who has a good sense of balance, explains marriage and family therapist Moushumi Gouse. For example, does he genuinely enjoy doing favors and acts of kindness? Do they help him to feel happy and fulfilled? Also, does he deeply desire to be a father? This is a very big sign that he has a good heart and knows how to be a good husband and dad. Achieving a balanced give-and-take with your partner helps both of you to feel more supported in your relationship. Achieving a Balanced Give-and-Take with Men






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