Adelaide Suburbs

Adelaide which is the capital of the state of South Australia is home to more or less 1.28 million people. It is a coastal city and its suburbs reach in about 20 kilometers going from the coast to the foothills. It spreads out 90 kilometers at the peek of Gawler in the north to its opposite Sellick beach in the south. There are many Adelaide Suburbs to choose from the South Australian state and finding a place that you find perfect for you and your family won’t be a big problem.

High expense areas like Brighton and Glenelg are one of the popular coastal suburbs of Adelaide. Brighton known for its safe beaches and moody surf season is what attracts many of the beach goers. One of the residential areas is the Esplanade which house prices can raise up to $2 million. While Glenelg 10 kilometers from the CBD is a popular tourist attraction which host many recreations and activities because of its rich history. It is also home to the famous Jetty Road which is a long strip of shops, entertainment buildings, and commercial activities. Most Coastal suburbs costs are reflected in high house prices or rental. Another good coastal suburb is North Haven which has a relatively small housing estate next to a marina, a good 20km from the CBD. The marina called the Gulf Point Marina, is home to a large sailing community and hosts one of the largest sailing clubs in Adelaide.

Residents of northwestern suburbs mostly are occupied by immigrants or overseas-born which is roughly 23% of the Adelaide population. Suburbs like Athol Park are home to these people. Although there is no residential school in the suburb, there are a couple of nearby schools and it also has a nearby shopping centre called the Arndale Shopping Centre. Woodville is also home to Over-seas residents as it is also located northwest and is 8 kilometers from the CBD.

There are also suburbs in the foothills close to Mount Lofty ranges such as Norwood and Burnside. Norwood about 4 kilometers or 20 minutes drive to the CBD has a high concentration of people living there with an Italian background thus replicate in the business side of Norwood pertaining Restaurants, Fashion Botiques of the Parade. The Parade is a business centre which accommodates almost anything you need and want such as qualified services and well-known restaurants and fashion related businesses. Burnside which is one of the earliest Adelaide Suburbs is mostly a residential area. It is a good place for finding a place to live in and has a good community. Houses there are a bit pricey but reasonable as it holds houses that give wonderful views of the city.

If looking for a suburb to live with a good community, finding a place with a good atmosphere and hospitable neighborhood will not take time. Places like Brompton, Bowden and North Adelaide are good choices. Brompton eminent for fast growth in newcomers is still now as is a popular place to live. While near Brompton suburb is Bowden located North West is also a fine pick for its peaceful and pristine environment.

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