Angus Fire Portable Fire Fighting Pump

Fire fighting pump is a pressure-increasing component of the water supply for fixed-place fire suppression systems such as fire sprinklers, standpipes and foam systems. They are also a critical component integrated into fire trucks and fire boats. Fire pumps are usually powered by an electric motor, although occasionally with a diesel engine (if required by the governing model building codes) and occasionally a steam turbine. In buildings with very tall structures and to overcome the hydraulic head losses due to elevation differences, they may use a water tower to increase pressure to the hose lines.

In order to meet the rigorous requirements for starting up reliably during system testing or in the event of a fire, stationary fire-fighting pumps are designed according to the VdS Schadensverhutung, Factory Mutual or National Fire Protection Association standards and subjected to a type test. They are available as transportable fire pumps with a protective frame, mounted on a vehicle as integrated or front-mounted fire pumps or for use in stationary applications such as hydrants or sprinkler systems.

Angus Fire offers a range of self-contained portable fire fighting pumps with petrol and diesel engines. They are ideally suited to meet the high demands for firefighting performance in complex and restricted environments. They are easy to operate and comply with world wide regulations governing exhaust emissions and noise levels.

They can be easily transported with a trailer and are equipped with 4 lengths suction hoses, 4 lengths Duraline fire hoses and ancillary equipment. They provide maximum pressures of 220-375 psi* and flow rates of 110-155 US gpm*, making them suitable for wildland firefighting. They are extremely durable and require very little maintenance. portable fire fighting pump






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