Black and Gold Bedside Lamps

If you’re drawn to the classic look of black and gold, you may want to add a few pieces of furniture that feature these materials in their finishes. Whether you’re looking for an accent piece to add interest to a bedroom, dining room, or other living area, you can find stylish black and gold table lamps that are sure to turn heads.

Choose a Table Lamp that Fits the Space

When it comes to choosing bedside lamps, you should consider how much light you need and where you’re going to place it. For example, if you’re reading in bed, you’ll want to find a lamp with a shade that extends far enough so the bulb doesn’t cast glare on the pages of your book. You’ll also need to take into account the height of the bed you’re using as a nightstand so that the lamp doesn’t obstruct your view when you’re lying down.

Another option is to select a table lamp that has a swiveling base. This will allow you to move the lamp around to better illuminate the area you’re working in, without compromising the overall look of your room.

Alternatively, if you’re short on space in your bedroom, try a wall-mounted swing-arm lamp. These can be mounted in a corner and angled so they cast a bright enough light for reading. But they need to be sturdy and mounted carefully or they’ll wobble and fall over when you adjust the arms.

Go Cordless

If you’re not comfortable with tangled cords in your home, a table lamp that features a built-in battery is an excellent choice. The rechargeable battery provides a full charge for the lamp in less than an hour, and you can use it anywhere you need light. You can even use a mobile phone to control it.

Choose a Bedside Lamp That’s Made for Style

When shopping for black and gold bedside lamps, make sure that you find ones that match your decor. For instance, if you love an eclectic aesthetic, choose a lamp with a textured raffia shade that will add a unique touch to your room.

Or, if you like a more modern vibe, pick a lamp with a sleek metal and glass design. This will make a nice accent piece that’s easy to pair with any furniture in your home.

For a truly regal effect, you might want to look for a gold-finish table lamp. This will create a dramatic look that will elevate your bedroom to a higher level of luxury and class.

The Orient Inspired Two-Tone Pierced Wood and Gold Metal Table Lamp from Signature Design by Ashley is an enchanting piece of lighting that will complement your home’s traditional or contemporary styling. The dark wood and gold metal mix together for a striking contrast in the lamp’s finish and shade.

The black and gold finish makes a statement of contemporary simplicity in any room. The drum shade with a metal goldtone drum accent brings this piece of lighting to life.






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