black and gold bedside lamps

A black bedside table lamp can make a space feel warm and cozy. It can also add some color and texture to a room, so it’s a versatile piece for any home decor style. Whether you want an industrial, modern, or vintage design, there’s a black table lamp that’ll fit right in.

There’s nothing like having a little extra light in your bedroom when you want to get a good night’s sleep. That’s why we recommend adding a few lamps to your bedside table.

The best bedside table lamps offer enough light for reading, but they’re not too bright to wake you up in the middle of the night. And they should also be low enough to not glare into your eyes when you’re lying down to relax.

You can find a wide range of lamp types, from table to floor to wall-mounted lights. The type you choose depends on your budget, space limitations and aesthetic preferences.

If you’re looking for a simple table lamp that will blend with your existing decor, we love the Joss & Main Christa Table Lamp. Available in sets of two, it features a clear cylindrical glass base and a classic white drum-style shade.

For a more minimal look, consider an industrial lamp like the Simple Designs Bronson Industrial Lamp. With a black iron base and squared-off C-curve rod, this industrial bedside table lamp leans towards the bare-bones, factory-inspired design trend. It also uses an Edison-style bulb, so it won’t be as harsh as a traditional incandescent bulb.

When shopping for a bedside table lamp, try to buy something that will stand up to wear and tear. A well-made, durable lamp is a great investment, as it will last for years to come.

The correct height is important to keep in mind, too: “Never put a bedside table lamp that’s too tall in a bedroom, as it may interfere with getting into and out of bed,” says Amy Forshew of Proximity Interiors. Typically, she notes, the lamp should be 19 to 21 inches from the top of your mattress.

There are also bedside table lamps that double as charging stations, which is convenient when you need to recharge your phone or e-reader before you go to sleep. The 360 Lighting Wray Lamp, for example, has a USB port on the base that you can plug in your phone charger or e-reader.

You can even add a touch-activated, dimmable LED light to your lamp that pairs with your smartphone for remote control and brightness adjustments. We love the Hugoai Smart LED Lamp, which works with your phone to adjust the lamp’s color and brightness.

Choosing the right color and size for your nightstand is an essential part of bedroom decorating. A black table lamp that’s too small will be overkill and take up too much space, while a lamp that’s too large will be overwhelming in size and look out of place in your room.

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite black bedside table lamps, so you can find the perfect one for your home. These stylish fixtures will add warmth and personality to your bedroom and will help you catch some Zs without too much distraction. black and gold bedside lamps






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