Business Center in Qatar

Business center is a serviced office that offers ready made offices and all amenities like wifi, fax, meeting rooms etc. These offices are a good option for small businesses as they can save on capital expenses and are also easy to move in and out of. They also save on recurring costs such as office rent, furniture and equipment, phone services and maintenance charges.

Qatar’s economy is highly dependent on petroleum and natural gas, but it’s rapidly expanding into other sectors including telecommunications, financial services, tourism, and the exploitation of natural resources. The government offers incentives for foreign companies to invest in these sectors, including no income tax for 10 years and business incubators. Additionally, the Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) offers legal and regulatory support.

The QFC is a free economic zone that promotes international financial services institutions. Its regulatory authority operates on international standards, and entities within the center can claim 100% ownership by foreign investors. In addition, the QFC allows companies to pay no corporate taxes.

A company wishing to operate in Qatar must form a limited liability company, with a minimum authorized share capital of QAR 200,000 and two shareholders. However, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce may allow a foreign investor to increase their shareholding above 49% if the business is compatible with Qatar’s development plans.

Foreign investors are allowed to establish a joint venture with a Qatari partner in most sectors, although certain industries are restricted. Additionally, the Foreign Investment Bureau oversees foreign investments and provides guidance to new investors. The bureau will review applications, issue licenses, and ensure compliance with Qatari regulations.

In general, the most popular industries for start-ups in Qatar include telecommunications, technology, energy, and construction. Companies in these sectors can enjoy low operating costs, a skilled labor force, and high profit margins. Additionally, Qatar has a number of free trade agreements with the United States, the European Union, and other countries.

Located in Lusail Marina district, our Doha business centre is situated in a contemporary, efficient building, flooded with natural light. Our location puts you close to thriving local businesses from real estate and banking to hospitality, while offering excellent transport connections and being just minutes away from a variety of cultural attractions. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to set up an impressive base in the heart of Doha. Business center in Qatar






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