Central Business District – The Thriving Economic Hub of Chaoyang

One of China’s historic citadels, the capital of Beijing is many things to many people. An up and coming city with a view to preside over all of China, it is a vast metropolis of orderly and symmetrical rule. Although it gives off a vibe of conformity, looking deeper into the architecture of the city will reveal that it can easily absorb many different styles and ways of life. From underground bomb shelters to towering sky scrapers, this forward thinking city has it all. But with all the rush and tumble of modern life, Beijing still hasn’t forgotten the art of sitting back and watching the world go by while enjoying a quiet game of chess.

Founded during the time of Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and now very much an integral part of modern day Beijing is the Central Business District of Chaoyang. Starting out with a less than stellar reputation and full of grey, drab office blocks and industrial plants, it has now grown into the hub of the world’s fastest growing economy. This economic giant currently occupies a space of 3.99 km2 towards the East end of the city center. Although development took place within the district it was still not the most attractive place to be in. With towering high rises, office buildings, and shopping malls it was cluttered and official looking. But Chaoyang also houses many luxurious hotels, modern theatres and the China International Exhibition Center which is the main center within the city.

Transformation is set to hit yet again to the Central Business District – also known as CBD. It is said that steps will be taken to make it modern and appealing, with a new outlook of chic and majestic in mind. Since these developments have taken place Chaoyang has managed to attract over 100 businesses in sectors such as IT, finance and media. It should also be stated that over 60 percent of foreign financed companies in Beijing are based within the CBD and even the main part of overseas embassies are also concentrating on establishing quarters in CBD.

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