Choosing the Right Underfloor Heating Pipe

Underfloor heating relies on a complex network of pipes to provide warmth and comfort for your home. To do this efficiently, the pipe must have good heat transfer capabilities but also be able to withstand high temperatures and pressures. In addition, floor heating pipes need to be durable and flexible enough to allow for a range of different installation patterns.

The most suitable Underfloor heating pipe is usually made from a plastic material like polyethylene, offering resistance to corrosion and flexibility for a wide range of project needs. This type of pipe is highly resilient, with thick walls that offer good protection against damage and degradation. Ideally, it will also be Kitemarked to ensure it meets industry standards and is fit for purpose for underfloor heating.

One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing the right pipe is the spacing between each run. This is important because it will influence the amount of heat lost between each line, affecting energy efficiency. It’s also necessary to take into account the type of flooring you have installed, as some floors distribute heat more evenly than others.

For example, if you’re using a boiler based system, we recommend installing the pipe at 200mm spacing to maximise efficiency and minimise waste. This will be different for heat pump systems, which can operate more efficiently at 100mm spacing. Our wunda pipes are ideal for Underfloor heating, available in 16mm Hdpe-Al-Pex for in screed and 16mm ufh pipe – Pert-Al-Pex for overfloor. Underfloor heating pipe






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