CommTank – Concrete Tank Repairs Near Me

CommTank’s underground tank cleaning and repair services help keep your steel or concrete tanks functional, safe, and within codes. Tank inspections, tank washouts and chemical cleanings/disinfections reduce the risk of costly damage to your storage containers.

A correctly built concrete water tank will last a minimum of 25 years. But they can deteriorate quickly if the site was not prepared properly in the first place. The tank site must be flat, correctly compacted, preferably laser levelled with 150 mm of road base and no fill, BEFORE the water is added.

Over time water tanks are exposed to a variety of conditions which can cause cracks and holes, leading to leakage or water loss. There are specialised cement-based products which can save the water tank from being emptied by repairing the cracks, seeps and holes that lead to water loss.

The most common reason for concrete water tanks leaking is poor tank construction. Concrete is a porous material which allows water to seep through it during hydration and curing. Poor construction techniques like using lower water to cement ratios or shorter curing cycles mean that the concrete is weak and brittle.

Another common cause for leaking water tanks is ground movement due to drought, flood or earth tremors. The base of the tank can move which causes movement of the wall and leads to cracks or holes. It is possible to minimise this by using a soil stabiliser and by placing bands around the tank. Do not try to stabilise a moving tank by tipping a product into the tank in the hope that it will seal a crack or hole, this is likely to cause a more serious backward step leading to contaminated water and blocked plumbing. concrete tank repairs near me






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