Cowrie Shell Ring

Cowrie shells are one of the most popular forms of shell jewelry, and their rich history makes them a symbol of wealth and prosperity. This beautiful ring is made of sterling silver and features a natural white cowrie shell. The ring also has decorative beads around the edge, and because this is a handmade piece, each ring is unique.

In Africa, the cowrie shell is a symbol of destiny and protection and is worn as a reminder of wealth and luck. These shells are also known to have a powerful spiritual connection with the female, and many women wear them as a sign of fertility believing that the split of the cowrie shell resembles the female vagina which gives birth.

Our cowrie shell ring is sure to become a favourite in your collection and will look stunning when worn with other pieces of jewellery featuring the same charms. The beauty of this ring is that it is a true statement piece, bold and eye-catching, so will certainly stand out from the crowd.

This ring has been carefully handcrafted in our workshop. It is crafted from solid 925 sterling silver and the cowrie shell has been carefully hand-selected and polished to bring out its natural beauty. It is nickel and lead free and is hypoallergenic. Cowrie shells are found all over the world and are a favourite for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Traditionally used as shell money along African trade routes, they are often collected as a form of currency and are known for their intricate shapes and colour. The cowrie shell is also an essential ingredient for reiki and is used as a tool in the practice of healing. It has also been a symbol of femininity and a celebration of womanhood in various cultures. Cowrie shell ring






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