Custom Grip Socks For Trampoline Parks

During high-intensity sports, foot and shoe contact can produce significant friction. This friction can have positive impacts on deceleration and change of direction performance, while negatively impacting comfort and the risk of injury. As the intermediate contact area between the foot and the shoe, socks are a critical component in this interaction. Previous research suggests that different sock materials can impact in-shoe friction and influence foot discomfort and injury risk.

Grip socks are the latest innovation to help reduce in-shoe friction and improve foot comfort, stability and agility. They consist of a normal sock with an added layer of rubber which is placed around the contact zone. The sock also contains extra padding and compression in the ankle and heel. The result is a premium-feeling, market leading grip sock that offers superior performance and looks great too!

Why Do Players Wear Grip Socks?
Often, football players experience blisters and abrasions because their feet are constantly rubbing against their shoes. This is because they wear new boots that haven’t been broken in, and the surface of the ground is often hard. Grip socks prevent this by keeping your feet healthy, and comfortable and by absorbing the sweat, while their thick soles and rubber pads help prevent slipping.

Moreover, these socks can be designed with your own branding and logos, and can even be made to suit your brand’s specific needs. They can be used as an important part of your trampoline park marketing strategy, and are a great way to boost sales and brand awareness. We will print your custom design on a unique label and wrap it up in an attractive presentation for you to sell. custom grip socks






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