Different Types of Gold Necklaces

A gold necklace is a classic piece of jewelry that can instantly elevate any outfit. The iconic metal has been used by both women and men to symbolize class, wealth, and status over the centuries. The jewelry is usually crafted in flexible forms like chains and strings of pearls, beads, and gemstones. However, it can also be made into more inflexible bands of metal decorated with various techniques including engraving, repousse, and granulation.

Whether you’re a fan of glitzy, diamond-encrusted pendants or sleek chain chokers, you can’t go wrong with a gold necklace. These styles will elevate your everyday look and take you from a meeting to date night in style. But before you shop, it’s important to know what type of gold necklace is best suited for your lifestyle and frame. In this article, we’ll break down the different gold necklace styles and help you find the one that’s right for you.

Gold chain necklaces are timeless pieces that are easy to wear and pair with any outfit. The metal is lightweight and has a smooth, polished finish that’s both shiny and delicate. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

You can easily find affordable options, including 14K gold, for under $500. The key is to make sure you’re getting authentic gold. Check for a stamp or engraving on the chain to determine its quality. You should also be able to feel its weight and thickness. A heavier chain is better for a heavy pendant or charm, while thinner chains can be worn with light earrings and bracelets.

When shopping for a gold chain necklace, keep in mind that the length and shape of the design are also important factors to consider. Necklaces can range from a choker that fits right around the base of your neck to a long necklace that hangs past your waist. The style of the necklace can also influence how it’s worn, with shorter chains being more suitable for formal occasions while longer ones are often worn for casual wear.

If you want a dainty and feminine style, opt for a thin cable chain that features a classic round link pattern. The chain is sturdy enough to hold a pendant without adding unnecessary bulk, and it can be worn solo or layered with other necklaces and chain bracelets for a bolder look. A bead chain is another popular option, featuring small hollow beads of sheet metal connected by wires. Each bead has two small holes on opposite sides that accept a ball-shaped pendant or charm for a unique, eclectic look.

Depending on your preference, you can opt for a solid-gold chain or a gold vermeil, which is less expensive but still a high quality material. A solid-gold chain is a more durable option, as it’s harder to scratch or bend. It’s also more resistant to oxidation, meaning it won’t turn yellow over time.

While campy, textured trends like rainbow charms and letter initial necklaces may be on the outs this summer, style stars like Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski are already starting to reintroduce more classic, season-less necklaces into their closets. A gold medallion necklace is a perfect transitional piece as we leave behind the whimsy of the summer months. Gold necklaces






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