DIY Ring Cleaner

Whether your jewelry is sentimental or practical, the daily grime and build-up from everyday wear can dull its sparkle. This doesn’t have to be the case, however; with a little TLC, you can get your ring back to its shining glory with ingredients you probably already have at home.

A solution of Windex and hydrogen peroxide can easily remove excess dirt build-up and oily residue. To create this DIY ring cleaner, simply place your silver or gold jewelry in a glass measure with the solution and let it soak for 15 minutes. Next, scrub with a small brush (I used an old toothbrush) and rinse thoroughly. Be sure to dry your ring with a soft cloth before storing it. Keep in mind, this ring cleaning method is not suitable for pearls or other softer gemstones and cannot be used with antique rings.

Vinegar can also be used as an at-home ring cleaner for gold rings with tarnished surfaces. This solution is safe for most metals, but it’s not recommended to use on opals or other delicate gemstones that may be affected by the acidic nature of vinegar.

While at-home ring cleanings can help to reduce the amount of cosmetic residue, it is important to bring your ring in for professional cleanings 3-4 times a year. Having your ring professionally cleaned will ensure that it is free from tarnish and other common contaminants. When selecting a jeweler to perform this service, it’s best to visit the same store where you purchased your ring. This way, the jewelers will be familiar with your specific ring and know how to best care for it.






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