Easily Chill Your Filtered Water With an Under Sink Water Chimer

Easily chill your filtered water with an under sink water chiller. This heavy duty system is designed to be installed under the sink in your home or office and connects directly to your filtration system. This allows you to have chilled filtered water all the time without having to go out and purchase expensive bottles of water or waste valuable counter space.

Our industrial grade water chillers come with a chrome two-way faucet, which dispenses both cold and hot water. It’s the perfect compliment to any reverse osmosis system or drinking water filtration system. This is a great alternative to bottled water as you can save money and the environment by not having to buy, store, and recycle plastic water bottles.

These units are easy to install and are made of high quality components. They feature a stainless steel tank which will not rust and a durable compressor with a lifetime warranty. The compressor has a large surface area, which provides maximum performance and efficient cooling. The system also has a built-in fan to increase air flow, which helps with the cooling process and extends the life of the unit.

The system can be used in conjunction with your existing faucet or you can add a new goose neck faucet for dispensing chilled water directly from the chiller unit. These units are rated for up to 24 gallons per day of chilled filtered water or the equivalent of five gallons delivered bottled water. These ratings are based on industry standard test conditions of 50 degF outlet water, 80 degF inlet water and 90 degF ambient air temperature. under sink water chiller






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