Electronic Warrants – A National Award Winning Solution

A National Award Winning Solution
eWarrants allow officers to initiate and complete warrants through their squad car’s computer and send them directly to a judge, who can then review them and approve them from any location. In this way, the time it takes to get a warrant approved can be reduced from hours to minutes – which can be crucial in a situation where a driver is suspected of DUI and needs to be immediately taken for a blood test. The officer may also have a limited window in which to perform the search before the suspect is able to leave or otherwise disappear.

Until recently, the law only allowed magistrates and judges to submit a search warrant for signature in person. This meant that for many warrants, it took an excessive amount of time because magistrates had to handwrite a search warrant and then fax it to the judge for signing, and then to the officer for execution. The proposed legislation would allow magistrates and judges to submit a warrant for signature electronically, which could be done via fax or an electronic means, including a secure cloud platform.

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