Employee Communication Apps for the Modern Workplace

A well-organized workplace requires team communication. But email isn’t enough on its own, especially with remote and mobile workers. An employee communication app provides a central hub for sharing updates, ideas, and more. The right app makes it easy for employees to keep up to date with company news, share ideas, and stay productive.

A number of apps have been designed to replace or complement traditional email for workplace communication. They typically include features such as personalization, search functionality and an intuitive interface. These digital platforms also connect to other tools that staff may use, such as project management software and productivity apps.


One of the most popular choices for modern internal communication, Slack has swept the workplace with its chat-style instant messaging tool. Users can exchange text messages, add emoji reactions to their colleagues’ posts and conduct group video calls (known as “huddles”). Dedicated channels can be set up for specific teams, topics, or projects. Administration settings control who can access each channel. Admins can also monitor team performance through analytics.


Another popular employee communication platform, Beekeeper helps deskless employees keep up to date with each other. Users can access news stories, run surveys, discuss projects, and upload documents to a repository. It also supports instant messaging, document and shortcuts, and huddles.

An end-to-end solution for organization-wide content distribution, Staffbase allows a central team to plan, create and publish communications with workers via a familiar social media-style interface. The app can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices. Other features include a built-in video tool, an intranet-style Knowledge Library and an AI-powered news feed. It also supports multiple HR integrations to help workers manage their time off requests, access forms and more.






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