Grainger Rockwell Hardness Tester For Sale

In a variety of industries, hardness testing is often a vital part of the manufacturing process. It is used to determine the strength and rigidity of materials such as metals, plastics and composites. The test involves forcing a tool, most commonly a diamond cone or steel ball, into the material being tested and measuring the impression left behind. This helps determine the hardness of the material and is used to classify it into different scales. For those seeking a rockwell hardness tester for sale, there are various options to choose from. From traditional bench-top methods that use a penetrating diamond or carbide indenter to portable ultrasonic hardness testers for nondestructive evaluations on the go, there are models to suit any environment.

Grainger offers many different types of hardness testers that utilize either the Brinell, Rockwell or Vickers method. They come in both analog and digital models. They can also be configured to perform multiple tests in sequence with the press of a button or automatically. Rockwell testers can be used to measure a wide range of materials including soft-bearing metals, steel alloys and carbides. Brinell testers are used to test hardened steel and other hard metals while the Vickers technique is most suitable for thin materials, wires or small precision parts.

When choosing a hardness tester, it is important to consider how much use it will get and what kind of results you need from it. It is also a good idea to purchase a master calibration set. These sets include the actual diamond or carbide indenter and test blocks that were used to calibrate the system. This eliminates the need to use a new indenter with each test and ensures that the resulting results are consistent.

Phase II hardness testers are designed for a variety of environments, from heat treat facilities to large-scale production lines. They are engineered to deliver dynamic, highly sensitive and accurate hardness test results. They are the ideal choice for metallurgical laboratories, inspection departments and quality control operations.

The 900-332 model is the latest addition to the Phase II line of hardness testers. It offers the state-of-the-art design and dynamic precision found in all Phase II testers along with unmatched repeatability across the entire Rockwell scale. This makes it a versatile and affordable solution for the majority of testing applications.

In addition to the standard 900-332 model, Phase II offers custom models for specific industries such as abrasion resistance, bearings and gears, aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery and more. These units can be modified to include special indenters or test loads, making them the perfect solution for specialized needs. For more information on how a customized tester can meet your specific needs, contact a Phase II representative today.






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