Heat Pump Repair Services

Heat pumps are a great addition to your home. However, like any system it needs to be maintained regularly and repaired when needed. When you notice a problem, you should call a technician for service right away to prevent further damage and escalating costs.

Some warning signs to watch for include a heating system that is not working at all, strange noises such as banging or screeching, and foul odors. If you notice these signs, contact Jones Services for Heat pump repair services immediately.

If your heat pump is running constantly or doesn’t turn on at all, it may need a new circuit board or recharging of refrigerant. These issues can be fixed fairly easily, but will require a professional to complete the repairs.

A faulty breaker switch or a pressure switch can also cause your heat pump to stop running. This is an issue that requires immediate attention as it could lead to further damage, a dangerous situation, or even an electrical fire.

When you hire a technician for heat pump repair services, the cost is largely influenced by the type of problem and the parts needed to fix it. A new blower motor will typically cost between $85 and $285, and a new coil is usually in the range of $165 to $665. In addition to the replacement parts, the technician will charge for labor and travel time, which can add up quickly.






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