How Michael Kors Handbag Sales Are Changing

If there’s one thing that you can count on in this ever-evolving fashion world, it’s the enduring appeal of an elegant michael kors handbag. Whether you prefer a shoulder bag or a cross-body design, the American designer’s sophisticated leather bags are the epitome of timeless elegance and jet set sophistication.

Since launching his namesake label in 1981, Michael Kors has made a name for himself as a designer who truly understands women and what they want. From a jet set travel tote to a sleek clutch, his designs marry the classic style of French fashion houses with a New York sensibility. The result is a line of luxury bags that can be worn to any occasion, from running errands to a night out.

However, as the brand continues to expand its reach to a wider audience of aspirational shoppers, it faces challenges that many high-fashion brands have experienced in recent years. The issue is that if shoppers see a bag from the label they love stocked at their favorite discount store or department store (such as the iconic Coach purses you’ll often find on sale in Macy’s Last Act clearance section), it can diminish the brand’s reputation and impact sales.

This has been the case for Michael Kors in particular as it struggles to balance its growth strategy with maintaining its position as a luxury brand. The company has been working to reduce its discounting in North America in order to increase the number of full-price customers, but it’s a delicate balance that will only work if it can continue to introduce new styles that are both coveted and relevant.michael kors bags on sale






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