How to Choose Elite Sport Socks

When you’re out on the field or court, the last thing you want to worry about is your socks. A bad pair of socks can cause blisters and distract you from your game. Fortunately, you can eliminate this problem by choosing socks that are designed for the sport you play.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing sports socks is the fabric. Athletes should always choose socks made from breathable fabrics, such as nylon or acrylic, instead of cotton. This is because cotton socks can trap moisture, which can lead to blisters. In addition, socks made from cotton should be avoided because they don’t dry very quickly, and can also rub against your feet and cause chafing.

Another key thing to consider is the thickness of the sock. For example, you’ll want to choose a thicker sock for winter sports like skiing or football, as they will provide extra warmth and comfort. Lastly, you’ll want to look for socks that have anti-blister features. For example, Wrightsock’s Double Layer socks have an inside sock and outside sock that wicks away sweat and reduces heat, which helps prevent blisters that can be caused by friction, heat, or moisture.

elite sport socks are designed for performance, style, and comfort. These high-performance crew socks feature moisture control yarns, breathable mesh top, ergonomic cushioning, arch compression, and a double welt top that stays up around the calf. Available in youth and adult sizes, they are perfect for basketball, football, lacrosse, wrestling, and more! Made in the USA.






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