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The direct cause of the piston ring fatigue damage caused by the operation mode of the engine run-in period and maintenance of improper maintenance actions. The main influencing factors are: Running – in operation during the period diesel engine in a long time in the high-speed load,Guest Posting or a hot car suddenly turn off state; hose between the air filter to the intake manifold, short circuit, so that the dust from entering the cylinder; plus Note lubricant model does not meet the requirements, and serious pollution; poor quality fuel injector fuel injection or use of poor fuel quality, diesel engines at low temperatures for a long time; fuel supply advance angle misalignment.

1) features. More of the first piston ring breakage and piston ring groove injury; piston ring outer face and the cylinder the upper corrugated pull marks; piston skirt and cylinder upper fuser signs of wear; fracture often occurs in openings on both sides of the high Point district.

2) reasons. Direct factor to cause the piston ring fracture of the improper actions of engine use or maintenance. The main influencing factors: the diesel engine for a long time in the overheated state, causing the piston ring card cylinder; use of lubricating oil viscosity is too large; piston ring matching unreasonable or incorrect installation methods, to cause the piston ring stress concentration; piston and cylinder with the gap is too small; diesel long-term deflagration conditions.

1) features. Piston ring and piston ring groove place a lot of sludge, coke, and glial-like sediment; piston ring outer face presents a polished sheen and deep longitudinal scratches; piston ring flexibility and weak.

2) reasons. Cause sticky rings is the direct cause piston ring sludge, coke bonding, as well as piston rings, cylinder deformation. The main influencing factors are: piston rings, cylinder serious hot deformation, the piston ring side clearance and backlash is too small, so that the ring card can not be in the ring tank activities; engine overheating or long-term overload of work, so that oil to produce high temperature glial; poor quality of lubricating oil; poor quality fuel injector fuel injection; poor crankcase ventilation installation work, causing negative pressure or cylinder airtight poor caused oil Shangcuan; cylinder liners optional unreasonable or pressing improper caused deformation.

1) features. Smaller piston ring upper and lower end ring groove wear, unilateral or uneven wear in the circumferential surface; the working surface of the piston ring outer longitudinal scratches due to adhesive wear; the top of the piston ring and piston blowby traces.

2) reasons. The piston rings tend to wear is a direct result of the piston in the cylinder due to malposition. The main influencing auto dvd and car dvd player factors are: lack of diesel engine running operation after the new machine or overhaul; cylinder liner thermal deformation into the cylinder block and cylinder suit malposition; rod bent or twisted; crankshaft axial clearance is too large.

features. Piston rings unilateral or circumference surface longitudinal grooves; the contact surface of a metal peel or scratch a large area; face scratches and sticky ring phenomenon is often at the same time. blue topaz ring






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