How to Troubleshoot Norcold RV AC Units

Whether you’re traveling cross country or just exploring your backyard, an RV refrigerator keeps your food fresh and drinks cold. Norcold makes some of the most popular absorption fridges for RVers, including one-door models with a freezer and ice maker. Some of their models can also run on propane as well as electricity. They are quiet and efficient, allowing you to enjoy your trip without interruption.

A faulty or broken cooling unit is one of the main reasons a RV fridge stops working. If you find that your Norcold fridge has stopped working, check the temperature and make sure it’s below 40°F to prevent bacteria from growing. If the fridge is plugged in, turn off the power and disconnect the battery to reduce electrical current to the cooling unit. If the fridge isn’t plugged in, try connecting it to an inverter or generator for power and see if the problem persists.

Getting the fridge to cool down again is a simple process, but there are some important steps you need to take. First, ensure that the fridge is level to keep the magic gas absorption stuff working correctly. Also, make sure the door is closed and sealed. Finally, you should remove the ice tray and clean it.

If you’re still having problems, try running the fridge on 110 volts for 24 hours and see if the code changes. If the code stays the same, then it’s likely an internal issue with the heat element. norcold rv ac units






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