Instant Boiling Water and Chilled Water Tap

Boiling and chilled filtered water at the touch of a button. A great addition to any modern kitchen.

During a boil water advisory, it is recommended to use bottled or boiled tap water for drinking, cooking, baby formula and washing dishes until further notice. Run water in short intervals to flush the system and minimise lead.

Boiling Water

Boiling water is one of the simplest methods for disinfecting tap water, which is why health inspectors recommend boiling water in times of public water contamination. However, boiling can be time consuming and energy intensive. Moreover, it requires constant attention to ensure the water is boiling and does not boil over.

In the case of a water main break, the public water supplier will notify customers by issuing a “Boil Water Notice” (BWN). The purpose of the BWN is to prevent any illness caused by contaminated tap water until it is safe to drink again.

A quick supply of hot water is essential during a Boil Water Notice, so that people can wash hands, prepare baby formula and make ice. It is also important for food preparation.

While boiling can kill bacteria, it doesn’t remove all contaminants such as nitrates, rust, pesticides and organic contaminants that affect taste or odor. Moreover, boiling can increase the concentration of lead in water.

A Billi all in one system offers a quick, convenient and safe way to prepare cold and hot water by providing you with a continuous supply of fresh-tasting filtered water. Patented Zip PowerPulse technology maintains the perfect boiling water temperature, thereby saving energy and reducing costs. It also eliminates the need for purchasing, storing and disposing of single use plastic bottles.

Chilled Water

Boiling water is one of the simplest and least expensive methods for making water safe to drink. It disinfects water by heating it to its boiling point and then cooling it. This kills most harmful microorganisms including viruses, bacteria and parasites. It also removes chemicals, dissolved solids and gases. This is why health inspectors recommend using boiled water during public water quality issues e.g. during boil water advisories.

Boiled water is also a good way to disinfect dishes and utensils. During a boil advisory, water that will be used for drinking, cooking, brushing teeth, washing dishes or preparing baby formula should be boiled for at least 3 minutes and then cooled to below 100°C before use. Alternatively, bottled water is recommended.

Our patented Zip PowerPulse technology maintains perfect boiling water temperature with instantaneous small energy bursts, unlike other systems that constantly heat and cool the water which is inefficient and wasteful. This makes our units eco-friendly and saves you money on electricity, gas and other utilities.

Our award-winning QETTLE Original delivers four flows from a single spout: boiling water, cold filtered water and normal hot and cold water. It features smart infrared 100% touch-free Wave operation activated by the wave of a hand, 2 energy saving modes, pin code protection, customisable settings, antimicrobial protection impregnated into key water paths, 0.2 micron filtration and easy to install integrated ventilation tray.

Filtered Water

Boiling water is a great way to purify water as high heat kills pathogenic bacteria. It is recommended that you boil tap water for at least a minute (longer at higher altitudes) to ensure all microorganisms are killed.

However, boiling water doesn’t remove sediments or other suspended matter that contribute to turbidity of the water. It also doesn’t remove the dissolved chemicals or heavy metals that can be found in some tap water.

Additionally, boiling water doesn’t remove parasitic micro-organisms such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium. It also doesn’t remove harmful toxins like lead and arsenic that can be present in some drinking water supplies.

Water filters are a much more effective solution for drinking water because they remove hundreds of common contaminants including bacteria, toxins and parasitic micro-organisms. Water filtration systems are easy to install and use, require no maintenance and will keep your water tasting fresh and clean.

Zip HydroTap provides filtered boiling and chilled water at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles and saving time, money and energy. Patented PowerPulse technology maintains perfect boiling and chilled water temperature without the need for continuous heating and cooling, resulting in reduced energy consumption and significant cost savings. Our range of boiling and chilled filtered water taps are available in a variety of finishes, perfect for any contemporary kitchen design.

Under Bench Unit

A filtered boiling and chilled water tap is a fully automated system that is plumbed directly into your home or business’s main water supply. These units can offer instant 98+ degree boiled water and chilled filtered water at the push of a button. They are available in a range of finishes to suit your kitchen design.

Boiling and chilled water systems have a number of benefits over traditional water dispensers. Not only can they save you time and energy by dispencing hot or cold water instantly, they are also much more energy efficient than traditional appliances. They are able to operate in a standby mode and only consume energy when dispensing hot or chilled water.

These systems are also ideal for quick and easy kitchen tasks, such as peeling citrus fruits in a bowl of steaming hot water or skinning tomatoes. They can even help to make your favourite dishes and drinks more flavourful!

When it comes to installing your new instant boiling and chilled water system, you’ll want to ensure that the installation is done correctly. This includes making sure that the unit is positioned correctly so that there is sufficient ventilation to prevent overheating. In addition, many manufacturers offer maintenance and service plans that can be used to book a qualified technician to attend your home or business for routine servicing and maintenance. instant boiling water and chilled water tap






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