Live Betting – Timing Is Important When Betting In-Play

When betting in-play, odds/lines and totals are constantly shifted based on relevant occurrences within the game. This creates countless opportunities for live bettors but also presents a number of obstacles that must be overcome.

Timing is a big factor when it comes to live betting. Sportsbooks are prone to spitting out inaccurate lines early in the game that can provide value for bettors who can identify them. For example, if a team starts slow out of the gate but then quickly scores two touchdowns, the over/under total will likely be driven higher by the public’s desire to place a wager on a high-scoring game. That type of misdirection can be exploited by betting against the public and waiting for a line to generate that reflects the true scoring potential of the game.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most live bets are locked after a play or possession is completed. This means that it can be difficult to adjust a wager after the fact if it doesn’t pay off. Luckily, many online bookmakers offer a cash-out option on pre-match bets. This is a great way to cover your initial risky bets and can help you come out of a bad situation with some profit no matter the final score.






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