Market of china nonwoven bags

A nationwide ban on China production,Guest Posting sale and use of less than 0.025 mm thick ultra-thin plastic shopping bags, and prohibit supermarkets, shopping malls, markets and other retail locations provide free plastic bags. The key words in the notice is “green, repeat and durable.” Some experts pointed out that environmental protection, durability point of view, paper products and non-woven bags are able to best of both worlds; but because they do not waterproof bag, was thrown out of the “generation plastic” s; thin soft non-woven bags, while the permeability , absorbent and waterproof performance is good, with non-woven bags made of reusable shopping bags, has become the focus of the business, they are favored.Before the “plastic limit”, the Chinese non-woven bag production has been in a tepid state. Nonwoven bags was based mainly on foreign trade business, the vast majority of orders are from European and American markets; and non-woven bags for China’s domestic market is relatively weak understanding of the market order is relatively small. “Plastic limit the” OK, can be said that non-woven bags and detonated the huge business opportunities. Non-woven Bag is a green product, tenacious durable, breathable, reusable, washable, use a long period, became well-known “green star.””Green” has become one of China’s domestic industry benchmark, with the “plastic limit” the introduction, the importance of the domestic market for environmentally friendly, non-woven bags production of the business suddenly changed. Experts point out that the number of plastic bags consumed in China each year about 500 billion, ultra-thin plastic shopping bags from the market exit, will have a considerable market space, the market for non-woven bags is a great good news. From China’s domestic factories, enterprises orders, non-woven bag production enterprises are turning to the domestic market, to bring new business development opportunities.Production of environmentally friendly non-woven shopping bags, woven bags standard to achieve more than 50 grams per square meter; while the number of grams per square meter, the higher the percentage, the better the quality of non-woven bags. Although the non-woven bags shopping bags plastic bags is much higher than the cost, but because of its environmental protection, “plastic limit” orders and after sales of non-woven bags began to gradually rise. Although the “plastic limit” making environmentally-friendly non-woven bags industry into the speeding growth, but gradually increased competition in the industry, rpet bag manufacturers lower prices to each other, woven bags profit margins are squeezed.  MK crossbody bag






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