North Cyprus Hair Transplant Clinic

The North Cyprus Hair Transplant has seen tremendous growth in the past few years due to its low cost and beautiful weather. The country is a very popular vacation destination and offers a perfect setting for a quick recovery after the procedure. With direct flights to Cyprus from London, Manchester and Edinburgh, it is a very accessible location for UK patients. Our International Patient Co-ordinator is on hand to help with all of the planning of your trip, booking consultation appointments, travel and accommodation arrangements in Cyprus as well as providing post-operative care and advice.

The clinic in Nicosia is a single-specialty facility dedicated to aesthetic medicine and cosmetology and has high success rates for both DHI and FUE, female, uncut hair transplants as well as beard transplants. The doctors use Dr Fevzi Kortay’s Ultra High Density Technique that allows for natural-looking, dense looking results. They also offer a one patient a day policy that ensures that every patient gets their full attention and time.

As a medical tourism hub, Cyprus is home to numerous modern private hospitals that have state-of-the-art technology and skilled surgeons. However, some clinics may charge significantly less than others for the same services, which is a red flag that they are cutting corners to save money. This can be done by reducing the number of staff members or using subpar equipment. These clinics can still produce good results, but it is recommended to prioritise quality over cost when choosing a surgery. north cyprus hair transplant






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