Oribe Hair Products

Whether you’re after beachy waves, a supermodel blowout, or an intricate up-do, Oribe (pronounced or-bay) has the products to help. Combining artisanal craftsmanship, salon-style results, and years of styling expertise from the top of the editorial and salon worlds, Oribe’s products are designed with pure luxury in mind. The brand’s signature scent, luxe, boutique feel, and high-quality ingredients make it a favorite among A-list celebrities and everyday women seeking an elevated hair care routine.

oribe hair products a shampoo for every hair type and concern. The collection includes shampoos formulated to detangle and soften, boost airy volume, heal dry strands, strengthen blonde hair and banish brassiness, and more. Each shampoo in the line also has a companion conditioner, allowing you to create a customized hair care routine that targets your specific needs.

The brand’s bestselling shampoos are the Cleansing Creme for Moisture & Control, Silkening Mask for Colour-Treated Hair, and Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Masque. The Cleansing Creme for Moisture and Control helps to nourish strands with hydrating coconut and almond oils while protecting color, soothing frizz, and preventing breakage. The Silkening Mask for Colour-Treated and Bleached Hair helps to hydrate and smooth strands, and the Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Masque nourishes and strengthens strands and provides anti-aging benefits.

Each of the aforementioned shampoos has a matching leave-in conditioning treatment, which adds a protective seal to your strands and locks in moisture so that your hair is left softer and shinier than ever before. Each leave-in conditioning treatment in the Oribe range is infused with natural herbs and extracts to nourish your hair and scalp, with some formulas even offering anti-aging benefits.

All of the shampoos and leave-in conditioners in the Oribe range are sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty-free, with some even being color-safe and keratin treatment safe. Many of the hair products in the Oribe range are vegan friendly, as well.

Oribe’s extensive collection of hair products includes a variety of styling tools and treatments. The brand’s iconic styling wands are the cornerstone of any salon, while their Volumizing Mousse, Styling Cream, and Texturizing Spray are sure to help you achieve those runway-worthy looks. For those with fine or thinning hair, Oribe’s Serene Scalp Anti-Dandruff Treatment is a must, as is their Thickening Treatment Spray.

While Oribe’s products may seem a little pricey, you’ll save time and money in the long run because you won’t need to use as much product to get the results you want. Additionally, Oribe’s hair products are often cruelty-free and made with the most premium ingredients in the industry, so you can feel good about using them on your strands.






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