Osetra Kaviar

Ossetra kaviar is one of the most expensive types of caviar on the market. It is harvested from the ossetra sturgeon, which weighs 50-400 pounds and lives up to 50 years. The caviar is a delicate delicacy, which should be eaten only when it is fresh.
Golden Osetra

The Gold Osetra Kaviar is one of the world’s most popular caviars. Its shimmering golden grains are distinctive and firm. This caviar has a rich, complex, and nutty flavor. It is a must-have for connoisseurs and those who seek out the finest things in life.

This caviar comes from Russian sturgeon and has an exquisite, buttery flavor. A regal golden color and a buttery aftertaste make this caviar one of the world’s most coveted caviars. Just 8% of the caviar harvested worldwide is this type.
Price of Kaviar online kaufen

Osetra Caviar has been one of the most popular and sought-after caviars for generations. With its delicate, nutty flavor and smooth texture, Osetra is a delight for any palate. To get a feel for this delicacy, try sliding through the Ossetra slider and select a flavor that appeals to you.

Osetra Caviar is a type of sturgeon caviar. It is slightly stronger than Beluga and has a smoother, silkier texture. It is best to avoid aqua-farmed Osetra, as it dramatically alters the taste of this delicacy. Instead, look for Osetra caviar that is produced on top-notch farms using sustainable practices.
Best way to enjoy Osetra caviar

Osietra caviar is considered to be the world’s second best caviar and is widely sought after by food lovers. The perfect way to enjoy Osietra caviar is to eat it on its own, but there are many other ways to pair it with food. You can pair it with blinis, which are tiny Russian pancakes, or serve it with a sour cream spread and chopped onions.

Osietra caviar is available in several grades. These grades help consumers determine the quality of the roe. Each grade has different characteristics, including size, color, tenderness, fragrance, and taste. The grade one caviar has the largest eggs and a golden brown color. It also boasts a delicate butter flavor and a noticeable aroma.






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