OUI Lawyer – How an OUI Lawyer Can Help

A conviction for OUI can make it difficult to get to work, tighten finances and potentially derail a career. It can also add a black mark to your record and result in costly fines, lengthy license suspension and a requirement to enroll in an alcohol education program.

A seasoned OUI lawyer will have an in-depth understanding of the specific laws in your jurisdiction and can identify and utilize legal defenses. They will carefully review all of the evidence against you, including police reports and chemical test results, to determine if there are any issues that could result in suppressing or eliminating the prosecution’s case against you.

They will also assess whether or not the officer violated your Constitutional Rights during the OUI stop and/or arrest, which can often be grounds for filing a Motion to Suppress Evidence or Dismiss the Case. Other common reasons for filing a Motion to Suppress include improperly administered Field Sobriety Tests or unreliable breathalyzer equipment.

Lastly, a skilled OUI attorney will be well versed in the OUI arraignment process, dispositional conferences and motion hearings, as well as bench and jury trials. This experience gives them a competitive edge and the ability to aggressively defend you in your case.

An OUI lawyer can help you minimize the consequences of a conviction by working for a reduced sentence, alternative sentencing options and/or expungement possibilities in the future. They can also fight for a more favorable alternative to the BMV license suspension, such as the 24D disposition (which requires 32 to 40 hours of classes and group therapy) that will allow you to apply for a hardship license within 45-90 days.






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