Powecom KN95 Mask Black

Powecom(r) is a respiratory aid manufacturer, and its KN95 mask is an authorized medical device in Canada and the United States. The KN95 is manufactured with three layers of nonwoven fabric filtration and features a high filter efficiency of over 95%. Its filtration material has been independently tested by the CDC and NPPTL.

It’s designed to fit most faces, and the flat fold ear loop allows for convenient storage before use. The KN95 mask black design makes it ideal for use in contaminated or crowded areas, including general manufacturing, mining, oil & gas, transportation, and infrastructure. While there is a risk of allergic reactions, the mask is suitable for many applications, including construction, janitorial, and industrial cleaning.

The KN95 mask is tested to filter 95% of particles and is manufactured to Chinese GB2626-2019 standards. It is stamped with the “KN95” trademark and the date of manufacture. It is also regularly inspected and reviewed by customs officials in China. It is made by factories that are on the government’s white list.

The KN95 face mask is available in a variety of color options. Its multi-layered design makes it comfortable to wear. It is a particulate-filtering-facepiece respirator that complies with the U.S. NIOSH KN95 air filtration classification. Its multi-layered design provides a comfortable seal while filtering up to 95% of airborne particles. It also reduces respiratory resistance and sweating. It comes in a variety of sizes and is made with good fabric. It is also equipped with an elastic widened ear loop for a secure fit.

In addition to filtering out large and small airborne particles, KN95 masks offer many other features to enhance health and safety. For example, they prevent coronavirus, which is transmitted through respiratory secretions. Coughing, sneezing, and talking can spread the virus. This is why it is recommended by health experts wear these face masks to protect against airborne pathogens.

The KN95 mask is also available in child sizes. The smallest size is designed to fit a child’s face, and it provides 98.8 percent filtration of tiny airborne particles. The ear loops are adjustable so that the mask fits the child correctly. A child’s KN95 mask is typically available in sizes for children between eight and 12 years.

The KN95 mask is a disposable respirator that filters 95 percent of particulates and is available in five different colors. Each mask has an adjustable nose bridge and ear loops. It is available in packs of five or individually wrapped. The KN95 mask is also available in biodegradable pouches.






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