Professional Hairdressing Appliances For Your Hair Salon

Hairdressing is an art and a profession that many find rewarding. As a hairdresser, you ensure that the top of your client’s head is her crowning glory by cutting and styling it; providing shampooing and conditioning; applying hair dye or color treatment; removing hair extensions, hairpieces, or wigs; and educating clients on how to maintain the best look at home. You also operate a cash register and computer, and clean and sanitize salon equipment between customers.

The hair salon equipment you choose is a crucial buying decision that will impact the type of services you can provide and your business success. A few popular brand options include Redken, Wella, and Davines. Each has its own unique aesthetic and product line, but they all offer quality and affordability for salon owners.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or purchasing a used salon, it’s important to invest in the right equipment for your business model. At a minimum, your salon will need to have a backwash unit and a styling chair for clients to sit in. When selecting a styling chair, consider comfort, durability, and a design that fits your salon’s aesthetic. You’ll also need to have a reception desk with plenty of space for a POS system, appointment books, and a telephone.

Your toolkit should include professional combs, scissors, a versatile curling iron and wand, and a variety of brushes. For combs, choose ones with multiple sized teeth for shortcutting, long cutting, wide cutting, and tail combs to accommodate various styles and techniques. A good pair of hairdressing scissors can last you for years. When choosing a pair, make sure they have a handle that is comfortable to hold and a blade that is the perfect size for your hand and wrist.

You’ll also want to stock your salon with a hair steamer that will moisturize and protect the hair during the drying process. The product will keep the hair from becoming brittle, dry, or damaged, which makes it easier to style and cut the hair. The device is available in different sizes and prices, so you can select one that fits your salon’s needs.

Hair salons can purchase their products from distributors, which act as middlemen between brand manufacturers and salon owners. Another option for salons is private label manufacturing, which gives them the ability to create their own formula and product label. It’s a great choice for small and mid-sized salons that are looking to build a unique identity in the industry. salon de coiffure Appareils de coiffure professionnels.






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