Profit Recovery Review – What Does an American Profit Recovery Collections Agent Make

Profit Recovery is a professional services firm that develops, implements and manages cost-reduction solutions for FORTUNE 1000 companies. These initiatives include cost-reduction audits, savings assessments and supplier management programs. These initiatives have resulted in over $3 billion in client savings to date.

The company also offers additional savings opportunities through its e-commerce platform, which helps companies reduce costs by consolidating and managing their suppliers, invoices and payments. The platform also provides access to reports and analytics. The company serves clients in North America.

How much does an American Profit Recovery Collection Agent make in the United States?

The yearly wage for a collections agent at American Profit Recovery is $45,038, which meets the national average. The company offers an excellent benefits package that allows employees to build a solid career and work with a great team of people.

A debt collector reporting a collections account on your credit report isn’t good for your score and shouldn’t be ignored. However, you can negotiate with the debt collector to pay the debt and have the collections account removed from your credit report. However, you should note that this may not improve your credit score or boost your chances of getting approved for loans or other financial products.

Some companies may need to hire a profit recovery audit firm to conduct an in-depth review of their accounts payable system to uncover lost funds. These firms can find hidden amounts that are due back to the enterprise as a result of duplicate payments, overpayments and failure to take credits or other deductions. The firm can then help the company recover these funds by contacting vendors and other parties. The firm can also help the company modify its systems to prevent future occurrences. It is important for companies to consider this option when a significant accounting system change has taken place or the company has experienced a merger or acquisition.






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