Retro Cycling Jerseys

Cycling jerseys are also more commonly referred to as bicycle jerseys. These are especially made for people that do a lot of biking. In fact, cycling jerseys are not like just any ordinary jerseys, since these jerseys are specifically designed long in the back. This is indeed very practical for cyclists since the long-back design of cycling jerseys is for the cyclist’s lower back to remain covered as he bends over the handle bar of the bicycle.


Furthermore, specially designed jerseys usually have storage pockets located at the back. Pockets for cycling jerseys are strategically located at the back because this keeps things from spilling, as what is most likely to happen if pockets are in front.


Although jerseys are not really required for cyclists, most especially if the environment is humid, and sweat is more likely to evaporate faster, many people still prefer using cycling jerseys because of a number of benefits that are offered by these jerseys.


First and foremost, cycling jerseys are tight fitting. This keeps wind resistance to a minimum, which could add to the speed of the cyclist. On the other hand, tight fitting jerseys can get quite hot, most especially in humid countries. Thus, some cycling jerseys are designed with zips at the front for ventilation.


Second, these jerseys are made of durable material. As such, even if you only have one or two jerseys for your cycling activities, you are assured that these will last longer than any of your other sports shirts combined. Aside from longevity, it is practical to buy things that will last long, at these times of financial difficulty where every purchase should be considered carefully.


Third, cycling jerseys come in many designs and styles. There is a wide variety to choose from, and the designs are just so amazing. In fact, one of the most popular designs nowadays is the retro design. Retro cycling jerseys are printed with exiting and interesting images that add to the excitement of cycling enthusiasts.


Moreover, retro cycling jerseys are available for both men and women. The designs are in various colors and prints that are ideal not only for cycling, but even for a night out in town. Many of these retro cycling jerseys are available in stores online.


Finally, cycling jerseys are made of light material that makes these jerseys very ideal for any sports and outdoor activities. Lightweight materials are necessary in any sport that requires minimum wind or water resistance, and high speed. unique gifts for cyclists






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