Rhin-O-Tuff OD4000 Interchangable Die Modular Binding Punch Review


  • The OD4000 is the smallest electric interchangeable die binding punch that is offered as part of the Rhino Tuff line of binding equipment.
  • This punch is designed for small and medium sized organizations that need a high quality electric punch that is capable of punching several different binding styles.
  • The OD-4000 is not designed for high volume production environments but instead is meant as a punching solution for organizations that are tired of using tedious manual binding punches.
  • This machine offers the ability to punch a number of different hole patterns but is priced competitively enough that many users choose to purchase it for punching a single hole pattern. These users then have the flexibility to upgrade their machine by simply purchasing another die set in the future.

Strengths / Features:

  • The OD-4000 uses eleven inch punching dies that are built with an open throat design. This is great for organizations that primarily need to bind letter size or smaller documents. However,Guest Posting users who occasionally need to bind legal sized sheets can still use this punch by simply using the open throat design along with a two step punching process.
  • The OD4000 comes with one standard punching die of your choice when you purchase it new. There are currently twelve different standard die sets for this machine and a number of custom dies are also available. You can choose from dies for comb binding, spiral coil binding, twin loop wire, Velobind and 3-hole punching. This provides a huge amount of flexibility and allows for organizations to easily add a punching style at any time as needed.
  • One of the great things about this machine is the price point. The OD-4000 has a price tag that is similar to many fixed die modular punches or all in one electric desktop binding machines. However, this machine offers a superior level of productivity and versatility when compared to these other products.
  • The OD-4000 is designed to allow you to attach a spiral coil inserter to the side of the machine or bolt your finishing equipment to the top of the punch. This helps organizations to conserve space while creating their own customized binding experience. This punch is designed to be combined with a coil inserter, wire closer, comb opener or an automatic paper selector. Choose the combination that works best for your companies needs.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

  • Although this is a decent quality electric punch it has a fairly limited punching capacity. It is rated for punching up to seventeen sheets of paper at a time. However, depending on the punching pattern that you are using it may even end up being less than this. Users who need to bind small books and light volume users will probably be fine with this punching capacity. However, users who need to create larger sized documents or need to create a number of documents quickly should probably opt for a punch with a larger capacity. screw size chart






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