RV Refrigeration

An RV refrigerator cools your food to a safe temperature for storage just like the fridge at home, but in an RV. And because most of us spend our time on the road and don’t have a lot of time to spare cooking, an efficient fridge is essential for keeping your meals fresh while you travel.

Most of the refrigerators used in RVs are absorption models that use a chemical process (an ammonia and water solution) to cool. The heat source for this process can be propane or electricity. When the solution is heated, it evaporates and passes through the cooling coils in the refrigerator, lowering the fridge’s temperature. The vapor then flows back into the absorber and repeats the process.

These types of refrigerators are most popular and can be found in many RVs today. They are usually ‘two-way’ which means they can run on either LP gas or the electricity from your RV’s DC batteries. Some manufacturers also offer ‘three-way’ refrigerators that can also run on both propane and shore power (AC).

If you are using an absorption refrigerator, we recommend turning it on the night before your trip so it has a chance to cool down completely before you load it with food. It is best to keep the fridge and freezer compartments only about 2/3 full – any more and it will be difficult for air to circulate and cool the food. And always check the vent outside your RV to make sure it is open and clear of any obstructions. rv refrigeration






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