Send Roses to Your Editors on Hinge

Roses are a timeless gift for any occasion, whether you’re trying to woo someone new, let your partner know how much you care, or make amends after a fight. They’re beautiful, long-lasting, easy to care for, and the scent of a rose can improve rest and mood. They’re also a great gift for people who struggle with depression or anxiety, as they can lift their spirits and remind them that they are loved.

One of the most common uses for roses is a romantic gift, and that’s why the flower has come to symbolize love and romance. The rose’s stunning petals, spiraling in a mesmerizing Fibonacci pattern, and delicate perfumed scent have made it an emblem of passion for millennia. Roses are also often used to show appreciation, making them popular gifts for teachers and other individuals who have done a good job.

Hinge’s new feature allows users to send a rose to their matches, which shows extra interest and respect in the recipient. Just like a super like on Tinder, a rose is seen as more special because it costs money and signals that you’re not just another regular like they’ve received from other users.

We sent roses to two of our editors and both recipients were impressed with the quality and attention to detail from the vendor, Farmgirl Flowers. The bouquets arrived in a box with a protective cloth sleeve and an attached card that gave the name of the florist and a brief description of the arrangement. Our Los Angeles delivery came with a vase and looked almost exactly as pictured, save for some minor browning on the roses. The Seattle roses had wilted by Day 6, but were still a beautiful sight. Send Roses






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