Socket Button Head Bolt

Socket Button Head Bolt
Button socket cap screws are threaded fasteners with a low domed head that offers a more visually aesthetic appearance than other fastener types. The raised dome provides a larger load bearing surface and allows for the screw to be tightened to much higher torque specifications than a standard hex or slotted head. They are commonly used in applications where a lower profile head is desired or the clamping material is too thin to countersink.

They are also less likely to snag or damage materials that come in contact with them such as harnesses. This makes them ideal for use in locations where the exposed heads may be subject to damage from high-profile fasteners such as hex or socket head machine screws.

The design of the head helps to distribute forces over a wider area making them suitable for use with softer materials such as aluminum or plastics. Like all threaded fasteners, they should always be installed with a proper hex tool and using the suggested torque values to ensure a safe and reliable installation. They must also be installed above the surface to prevent loosening.

Button head socket caps screws can be used in a variety of fastening applications from aerospace to furniture. They have a large bearing surface on the head which allows them to take much higher torque ratings than other head styles and are often used in areas where an attractive appearance is desired such as end panels, display shelving, and carts. They are also ideal for a wide range of clamping applications where a flush head is required. Button Head Bolt






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