Solar Electric Panels – Join the Home Energy Revolution

Solar electric panels, will they work as well as advertised or will the expense of having a $15,000 to $40,000 solar electricity system professionally installed in your home put you in the poor house.

In some of the northern states the winters can get very harsh and since the sun is seen so little during that time of year, solar energy electricity could be counted upon to produce 30% to 40% of the needed power.

In the states that have long hard winters a savings of 20% to 30%, or more, on utility bills is a nice chunk of saved money that can be achieved with solar energy electricity.

It is true that new professionally installed solar panels are high cost items which are beyond the means of many of today’s consumers. With the rapid advances in technology there are ways that many more people are able to afford solar power electricity.

Used solar panels are becoming more readily available. When businesses or homeowners upgrade their solar energy systems the used solar panels can usually be acquired at a price dramatically lower than new ones. The internet is a good place to locate solar panels for resale.

Solar electric panels have a long power life, 30-40 years. Used solar panels can be found that have many years of life remaining in them. Many used solar power electricity systems can be found advertised in magazines found at your local book store or library.

Most people, worldwide, who use solar power electricity started by using this source to supplement their commercial power source. They usually connect one or two appliances to the solar power. Later they add what they wish incrementally.

There are products on the market that have step-by-step instructions for building solar electric panels. These products are easy to understand and have video instructions as well as a list of required materials. All of the materials that are needed can be picked up at the local hardware store for around $200. Electrical Panel Clearwater






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