Tattoo Ideas That Will Make a Big Impact on Your Life

The right tattoos can be a powerful statement or reminder. Whether it’s a name, symbol, date or picture, choosing your tattoo is an important decision that needs to be made carefully. A bad tattoo can be a permanent regret, but an amazing one will be something you always look back on with pride.

A skull isn’t just for goths and bikers; it can be a beautiful and meaningful tattoo that symbolizes life, death or the contrast of good and evil. Combined with roses, it can also be seen as a symbol of love, hope or rebirth.

Getting your kids’ names tattooed is a cute and thoughtful way to honour them. It looks pretty cool too. Especially when the artist can get the font just right.

If you don’t want to recreate a human face, non-human characters like BB-8 from the Star Wars franchise make great tattoos because they use simple shapes and limited shading. Similarly, a bird image can be very strong because it is so symbolic of freedom and direction.

Having an entire family of birds – like this beautiful design by Korean tattooist Handitrip -can make for an elegant and minimalistic design that is both bold and delicate. A flock of birds could also be used to celebrate nature or a particular place you love. Or you can get an individual bird to represent a loved one. Arrow tattoos are an extremely popular choice, as they imply strength and a sense of direction. tattoo ideas






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