The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags

When it comes to storing your hard-earned breast milk, finding the right storage bags is key. You want a leak-proof bag that’s made of food grade plastic or silicone and is specifically designed for storing, freezing and then thawing breast milk. You also want a bag that’s affordable, easy to use and has room to label the date and quantity of breast milk stored in it. Storability is important, too; you’ll want a bag that can stand up in the fridge and stack well in the freezer.

We looked at design, material, value, sturdiness, ease of use, pumping compatibility and capacity when testing out the best breast milk storage bags. Our picks below are based on all of these factors, as well as a few others we think are important to consider, including the ability to freeze flat and a convenient pour spout for no-mess milk transfer.

Leak-Proof: A double zipper lock and thick, durable material ensure leak-proof storage. Freezer Friendly: Designed to lay flat in the freezer for space-efficient storage and to preserve milk quality. Ease of Use: Wide mouth makes it easy to fill and pour, with a labeling area for tracking date and volume. Sturdy: These bags are crafted of thick, high-quality plastic and are BPA- and lead-free.

These clear breast milk storage bags from Mommy’s Precious are a top seller on Amazon and one of the most popular breastfeeding bag options. They hold up to 8 ounces of breast milk and are tamper proof with a double zipper lock, making them ideal for pumping and transferring. They’re also self-standing thanks to a gusseted bottom, with accurate measurements and labels. Plus, they’re microwave and boiling water safe, a must-have for busy parents! best breast milk storage bags






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