The Churchill Shooting and Taneisha Buice, 32, of Verona, Allegheny County, Charged With Attempted Homicide

Police say a man was shot in the face early Saturday morning in Churchill, and an Allegheny County woman has been arrested on charges of attempted homicide. The incident happened at the intersection of Horner Drive and Churchill Road when a male was shot by a woman, authorities said. The victim was taken to a hospital and is listed in critical condition, according to the police report. Taneisha Buice, 32, has been charged with attempted homicide and aggravated assault. She is a resident of Verona and is being held at the Allegheny County Jail.

The man who was shot is a 40-year-old Churchill High School resource officer, who was parked in a vehicle on campus. The incident prompted a school lockdown and a search of the area by local law enforcement. The suspect was spotted by a witness who called 911, police said. Police have not identified the suspect or confirmed whether he or she is a student at the school. The school will remain on a lockdown until the investigation is completed, police said.

Despite a plethora of shooting books available, many of which wander off in a myriad of different tangents and rabbit holes, there are certain fundamental truths that will never change. For example, the world will continue to revolve around our sun, we must engage a target by applying sharp visual focus and without visual awareness of the gun barrel, and that our shooting method will be defined by the natural way we point.

Churchill himself was no stranger to these timeless truths. Passengers on a train would often be startled when Churchill rose from his seat, opened a window and hurled his briefcase into the night. He did this with a sly smile, obviously enjoying the momentary surprise of his fellow passengers but also confident that no one could see his act.

As a prime minister, Churchill was often surrounded by close protection detail and his bodyguards carried pistols for defense. According to Churchill historian Richard Law, Churchill’s long-standing guard, Thompson, began the war carrying a.32 caliber mouse gun but he found it lacking in performance so, after learning that Churchill owned a Colt 1911, he requisitioned one and furnished it to his beloved bodyguard.

Thompson served with Churchill’s unit through the rest of the war and he wrote three books about his time with Churchill. In 1955 he penned The Churchill Shooting Method, a classic work on instinctive wing and sporting clay shooting. It was twice revised and updated by Churchill’s friend Macdonald Hastings, himself a noted shooting coach. Today, it remains the best-selling book on the subject. It provides not only complete instruction for the experienced shooter but also for those handling a gun for the first time. A must-read for all gun owners! Click here to order your copy. Churchill shooting






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