Tiffany Reproduction Lamps — Why Buy One?

If you appreciate the beauty of illuminated colored glass then a Tiffany lamp is what you’re looking for. The vibrant colors of the stained glass glowing in a darkened room are mesmerizing to the eyes of the beholder. The light bursting from Tiffany stained glass lamp shades is so intense, you find yourself questioning how such a tiny light bulb can cause such intensity of light! Tiffany lamps create a dramatic effect to any room.

Tiffany lamp shades are constructed from hand cut, polished and shaped pieces of stained art glass. Copper foil is wrapped around each piece of glass, glued together then soldered with lead. You may observe some lines, seeds or bubbles in the glass… these aren’t defects, but natural beauty of the glass.

There are so many modern stained glass lamps around but nothing can beat the finesse of Tiffany lamps, which are in a league of their own. It’s quite relieving to know one can buy Tiffany reproduction lamps in almost every original style and color. Tiffany style lamps have set up their own niche in the world of glass-making. You can find Tiffany reproduction lamps in almost any type of room, from restaurants to prestigious buildings — such as the white house — from homes to offices and other professional meeting rooms. When it comes to creating that special look, that only Tiffany lamps bring to a room, there’s no compromise to the choice of lamp… as only Tiffany lamps can give you that je ne sais quoi.

There’s A Tiffany Reproduction Lamp Out There For You!

Original Tiffany lamps can go for millions of dollars but you can recreate original Tiffany looks and colors with the reproductions at a much cheaper price. These lamps are timeless beautiful works of art that add beauty and warmth to any décor. They can light up any environment — changing the whole atmosphere of a room — by adding nothing more than just a Tiffany lamp!

The original concepts that Louis Comfort Tiffany developed over 100 years ago to make his Tiffany lamps are still used today in making Tiffany reproductions. But rest assured the quality and workmanship of good Tiffany reproduction lamps are equal to that of original Tiffany lamps! Beauty and variety are the two main attractions when choosing Tiffany style lighting, and no two Tiffany lamps are identical, for example you can buy two Tiffany peacock feather lamps of identical style and dimensions, but they will not be identical. Because the high quality glass used in Tiffany lamps have their own unique characteristics that makes each lamp of the same style and theme different.

Tiffany lamps come in all shapes and sizes, and their range in price means there’s a Tiffany lamp for everyone. You can get classic Tiffany lamps for a few hundred dollars or Tiffany museum reproductions for a few thousand dollars.

With today’s eclectic decorating styles, a Tiffany reproduction lamp can be a great focal point in any room. You can add a touch of the classic Victorian or art-deco design by bringing one into your home or office.

Quality Tiffany Reproduction Lamps

The beauty and elegance of an original Tiffany lamp is visible in a quality reproduction Tiffany lamp. They’re made from the finest quality glass. Just as a jeweler can identify a high quality gem by its clarity and brilliance… a connoisseur of fine lamps can recognize the high quality glass by its sparkling beauty.

Tiffany lamps are made using a handcrafted process, this adds another reason why no to lamps are exactly same — each piece is created artistically, giving careful consideration to glass choice, construction, and fine detail. Did you know that back in the days of Tiffany Studios, Louis C. Tiffany had all the women creating/designing the floral and natural lamps, while the men were responsible for the geometric lamps? This was because Louis understood woman had a better eye for nature and floral themes, they took to it like ducks to water. And men — who scientists say perform better at spatial awareness task — had a greater knack for geometric designs. Maybe that’s why his lamps turned out so amazing… because he used the best minds for his lamp themes… nothing was forced… just naturally flowing from the minds of Tiffany lamp creators.

Tiffany Lamp Designs

The designs of Tiffany reproduction lamps are the same as the original designs from Tiffany Studios, as well as new designs that are often similar to original designs. Original Tiffany lamp designs are of natural themes such as plants and insects as well as geometric patterns.

If you want a classic Tiffany lamp then you can’t go wrong with the dragonfly design because this offers you a classic Tiffany touch. It was, and still is, a popular Tiffany lamp design.
The geometric pattern designs are based on simple patterns such as rectangles, squares, ovals and triangles.

Rest assured, Tiffany lamp reproductions are not fakes or copies, but well — made quality reproductions, handcrafted with the finest materials.

Quality Tiffany Reproduction Lamps

Good quality Tiffany reproductions have stained glass shades that use the traditional copper foil method technique — developed over 100 years ago by Louise C. Tiffany — and offer a variety of fine colors. The lamp bases are crafted from superior materials and are built to last a lifetime and provide joy for many generations. These Tiffany lamp reproductions are unique and can be a timeless keepsake for your children, their children, and their children to come.

How To Choose The Right Size Lamp Shade?

Lamp shades have moved on from being mere lighting accessories… Tiffany lamp shades are exquisite pieces of decorative art. By choosing the right lamp for your room — that compliments with the atmosphere — you can bring out the perfect radiance and sophistication in your room.

When you’re buying just a Tiffany lamp shade, because you already have a base, it’s important to measure your lamp base accurately to determine the size and shape of shade you need.

o When choosing a lamp shade, remember that the vertical measurement of a well proportioned lamp shade should not exceed its diameter.

o If the lamp is being placed on a table at eye level, consider having the lamp shade cover the bottom of the socket.

o The width of the lamp shade should extend past the widest part of the lamp base.

o The height of the shade should be roughly 3/4 the height of the base.

If you’re looking for just a base, wooden bases that are polished smooth or carved can be classic and timeless.

Tiffany lamps… an owners pride!

A Tiffany reproduction lamp is an artist’s pride, but this pride is transferred to anyone who owns a Tiffany lamp. You too can be a proud owner of a Tiffany lamp… all you need is a little time to see select the design and shape that relates to you and your home. You also need not worry if any element of your reproduction is damaged — as some manufactures replace the damaged part without any hassle.

Tiffany lamps are unique piece of art and these designs can never grow old. They are timeless treasure which can be passed on from generation to generation with pride and honor. So why do I think Tiffany lamps stand the test of time? Because the man who created them loved beautiful things, and he understood the beauty of nature… as nature will always stand the test of time! Veilleuse pour enfant






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