Trout Fishing – The Keys to Success

I’ve been trout fishing for more than 25 years, and had the pleasure of learning from a man I consider to be a “trout fishing master”. So I suppose, in a manner of speaking, this article is bringing you more than 60 years of combined trout fishing experience. Not a bad deal, by any stretch of the imagination. The one current that I’ve found running through the subject of trout fishing, is the fact that there are certain keys to success. These keys are what this article is about.

The first key to success when trout fishing, is that you should always make sure that your hands are free of unnatural odors. Trout have a very sensitive sense of smell and can detect unnatural odors easily. And can you imagine what might happen if the trout detect an unnatural odor? Yep, they tend not to bite. This is especially true with larger, more experienced trout. The easiest remedy for this problem is to take a handful of river rocks or weeds, and rub them into your hands. This will eliminate any unnatural odors that might be present on your hands. Always do this before baiting up.

The next key to success if to use gang hooks when using live bait, especially live worms. Gang hooks are a pair of hooks tied back to back, thus enabling the natural presentation of live bait (especially live worms). The more natural your offering appears to the trout, the more likely the trout are to bite, it’s as simple as that. My mentor (the man I mentioned earlier) insisted on the use of gang hooks when trout fishing and I couldn’t agree more. Once you begin using gang hooks, you’ll wonder how you ever fished without them.

The next key to trout fishing success is to pay attention to yourself, specifically your shadow and your clothing. When you are trout fishing you should always wear drab colored clothing, rather than clothing with loud colors. In other words, clothes that don’t make you “stand out”. As far as your shadow is concerned, you should never cast a shadow on the area that you’re fishing. This is a sure fire way to “spook” the trout you’re trying to catch.

Finally you want to always use the weather and moon to your advantage when trout fishing as much as possible. These two natural forces have an amazing impact on the behavior of fish. You can learn the simple rules, like always being on the water when there’s a full moon, and use them to your advantage. When it comes to trout fishing you want to use this information to your advantage.

These keys to success can be employed by anyone, and by no means are only for expert anglers. Begin using one or all of these keys to success as soon as you can. The results can be quite dramatic  psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars for sale






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