Types of Socket Screws

The socket screw category includes many different types of fasteners, all of which feature an internal hex (Allen) drive. The most common in this category are the socket countersunk head cap screw, the hex socket flat head cap screw, and the socket button head cap screw. Each type has its own unique advantages and uses.

The button head socket cap screw is a variation of the standard socket countersunk head screw with a wider bearing surface. This larger area allows for a stronger grip and distributes force more evenly than a smaller hex, which can cause the screw to strip. This screw is often used when appearance is a concern or if the clamping material is too thin to countersink a screw. It can also be used in applications where the head needs to be recessed to prevent it from being caught on something moving, like a pulley shaft or stationary guide.

Another reason the button head socket cap screw is favored is its rounded and low profile, which reduces the chance of it catching on machinery or a worker’s knuckles. The rounded shape also reduces the risk of the screw becoming unscrewed and falling off the bolt or nut underneath it.

This style of screw is commonly found in automotive, industrial equipment, and manufacturing applications because of its versatility and durability. In addition, it is a popular choice for machine parts and die castings due to its strength and clean look. button head cap screw






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