Using eWarrants to Enhance JWI Law Enforcement

The eWarrants database is a free, statewide, electronic warrant and protection order system. It simplifies the process of uploading these records into national databases, improving the thoroughness, accuracy, and timeliness of submissions to LEADS and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), enhancing law enforcement situational awareness. The new eWarrants interface is easy to use, responsive and web-based, and can be integrated with existing record management vendor systems for ease of adoption across the state.

The new system is already saving countless hours, and even days of lost time over the course of a year for officers who previously spent their shifts preparing paperwork or waiting on a court to review their warrant requests. This allows officer work hours to be used more effectively for the apprehension and conviction of criminals.

JWI eWarrants provides seamless workflows to support a full range of warrant processing functions, including warrant packing and submission to NCIC hot files, warrant rejection due to error or duplicate entries, warrant quash and warrant clearance/execution. eWarrants also supports real-time communication between law enforcement and courts, ensuring that critical warrant information is exchanged in a timely manner.

In just 17 hours after a warrant was issued for murder, 1st degree robbery and evidence tampering, the suspect was found, arrested and brought to trial. The apprehension was made possible because the suspect’s name was in a database that was immediately accessible to the officers when they ran a search on the system. This is just one of many cases where the use of eWarrants has been instrumental in law enforcement’s ability to take action against dangerous people. Ewarrants






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