What Does a Divorce Mediation Lawyer Do?

A divorce mediation lawyer is a professional that helps couples work through their issues without going to court. A mediator does not represent either party. They collaborate on settlements for both parties and help them discuss options. This includes how to divide assets, property and debts, including 401ks and IRAs, brokerage accounts, savings and checking accounts, real estate, vacation homes and time-shares, automobiles, etc. A mediator also explains how the law works on matters like child custody, child support and spousal support.

The advantage of mediation is that it allows spouses to control their own fates, rather than having a judge decide the outcome for them. The process can be less traumatic for children as well. Additionally, spouses who choose to mediate can save money on the cost of a court battle.

Divorce mediation requires both parties to sit in a room together and negotiate their major issues. However, some couples have trouble doing so in a productive manner. For example, a couple with a history of domestic abuse may not be able to communicate and cooperate in a mediation setting. This is why a couple should consider consulting with an attorney before attempting mediation in a case involving domestic violence.

A family attorney can help a spouse understand their rights and prepare for the mediation process. They can explain how the law applies to their situation and what their chances of success are in mediation. They can also review the final agreement to make sure that it meets the family’s legal needs. They can also recommend a mediator or help the couple find one. divorce mediation lawyer






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