Yoga Online – How to Create a Quality Experience For Your Students

Whether you’re a yoga online teacher or an eager student, there’s no denying that online classes have changed the game when it comes to learning this ancient practice. For anyone who’s experienced sticker shock at a studio membership, fought traffic to get to class on time, or felt their zen tested in a packed yoga class, the online world has provided a welcome relief.

With online yoga, you can stream lessons on demand from anywhere you have an internet connection. And, while you might not have all the bells and whistles of a real studio (think: gorgeous lighting, professional sound recording, etc.), you can still create a quality experience for your students. The key is using the right technology for your needs, and knowing what tools you have at your disposal.

The best online yoga websites provide a huge selection of classes to choose from. From beginner to advanced levels, and specialized flows to guest lectures and special workshops, you can find exactly what your body and mind need when you want to practice. And, if you’re traveling and can’t make it to a local studio, online classes can be the perfect solution to stay on track with your practice.

While many online yoga instructors aren’t required to have a specific yoga training or certification, there are still guidelines in place that ensure the quality of the teaching. And, some platforms like Alo Moves offer a variety of different teachers with unique styles and backgrounds to meet your every yoga need.

Another great feature of online yoga is the ability to practice with a partner or group of friends. And, while there aren’t as many partner-specific classes available on some platforms (like Alo Moves), you can still turn a standard class into something that caters to two people by streaming the video together in separate locations. And, with on-demand classes, you can even practice together while one of you is traveling or working from home.

If you’re an instructor looking to take your online yoga business to the next level, creating an OTT yoga app is a surefire way to draw new students. But, before you start building your own yoga app, consider how to design the right user experience for your audience.

And, be sure to include features that will set you apart from other apps in the marketplace. This includes a well-designed, mobile-friendly website and high-quality streaming videos. And, don’t forget to use the power of social media and email marketing to spread the word!






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